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.69 Caliber Confederate Cartridge Box
.69 Caliber Elongated Ball Cartridge Box
Hankey Farm confederate cartridge box
English Cartridge Box, .577, "Thaxton Box"
Pattern 1839 Musket Cartridge Box, .69
Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, C.S. Storms, .58
Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, H.A. Dingee, .58
Federal Cartridge Box Sling
Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, Moores and co. Cin. Ohio.58


Gettysburg Cap Pouch
Confederate Cap Pouch
Arsenal Cap Pouch
P.Jewell contract cap pouch
Federal Issue Cap Pouch
Columbus Georgia Cap Pouch
Moores and Co. Cin. Ohio Cap Pouch


English Waist Belt
LT J.W. Taylor's Sword Belt
US Rifle Sling
1851 NCO Belt
Canteen Strap
Federal Waist Belt
Frame Buckle Belt
Double-Roller Buckle Belt
Roller Buckle Belt (Leather)
Single Billet belt
Richmond Arsenal Painted Canvas Waist Belt


Federal Double Bag Knapsack
Kibbler Knapsack
Spaulding Knapsack
Federal Issue Haversack
Confederate Haversack
Capt. Netherland Haversack
Painted Infantry Blanket
Confederate Hardpack


Federal Issue 2-Rivet Scabbard
Federal Issue 7-Rivet Bayonet Scabbard
Confederate Manufactured Bayonet Scabbard
Cincinnati Depot Canteen
Pecard Leather Dressing

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