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.69 Caliber Confederate Cartridge Box
.69 Caliber Elongated Ball Cartridge Box
Hankey Farm confederate cartridge box
English Cartridge Box, .577, "Thaxton Box"
Pattern 1839 Musket Cartridge Box, .69
Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, C.S. Storms, .58
Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, H.A. Dingee, .58
Federal Cartridge Box Sling
Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, Moores and co. Cin. Ohio.58


Gettysburg Cap Pouch
Confederate Cap Pouch
Arsenal Cap Pouch
P.Jewell contract cap pouch
Federal Issue Cap Pouch
Columbus Georgia Cap Pouch
Moores and Co. Cin. Ohio Cap Pouch


English Waist Belt
LT J.W. Taylor's Sword Belt
US Rifle Sling
1851 NCO Belt
Canteen Strap
Federal Waist Belt
Frame Buckle Belt
Double-Roller Buckle Belt
Roller Buckle Belt (Leather)
Single Billet belt
Richmond Arsenal Painted Canvas Waist Belt


Federal Double Bag Knapsack
Kibbler Knapsack
Spaulding Knapsack
Federal Issue Haversack
Confederate Haversack
Capt. Netherland Haversack
Painted Infantry Blanket
Confederate Hardpack


Federal Issue 2-Rivet Scabbard
Federal Issue 7-Rivet Bayonet Scabbard
Confederate Manufactured Bayonet Scabbard
Cincinnati Depot Canteen
Pecard Leather Dressing

M1861 .69 Caliber Elongated Ball Cartridge Box

Orders existed prior to the outbreak of the war for arsenals to keep on hand .69 cal. round ball as well as .58 cal. elongated ball cartridge boxes. For example, the New York Arsenal was ordered to keep on hand 2,000 round ball sets and 3,000 elongated 58 cal. accoutrement sets. However, in April 1861 these orders changed. To Major Thornton “You will immediately procure by purchase from the manufacturers in New York and Boston 10,000 sets of accoutrements. 5,000 sets for elongated ball cal 69 and 5,000 sets for round ball 69 cal." This is one of the earliest references to orders being placed for the elongated 69 cal boxes. Orders continued in 1861 and by the end of 1862 somewhere around 300,000 69 cal. elongated ball sets had been contracted in all. Virtually all of these sets were contracted (virtually none being produced by the Arsenals) with the arsenals of delivery including Watertown, New York, Watervliet, Allegheny, St. Louis and Frankford. As early as Feb 1862, contracts were no longer being issued for .69 cal round ball boxes. In a letter after this date General Ripley answers the question of what to issue the many units still carrying smooth bore muskets. To Major Laidley, Frankford Arsenal: “Issue elongated ball accoutrements instead of round ball whenever the latter is called for.”


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